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Get Your Stark On – Robotics Education At Little Botz Academy

I just found out something awesome.

My kids are really active and couldn’t really stay focus on one thing for long. No matter how engaging I think an activity is for them, they wouldn’t be able to stick to it for more than 10 minutes. Okay, I mean, 10 minutes could be considered long enough for toddlers, but I want to try other things to see what really pique their interest.

Then one day, Mohen bought for them one of those toys where you can take it apart and put them back together with tiny tools. He bought a set with a motorcycle, a truck and a train. They came with little screwdrivers, Allen keys, and wrenches where the kids get to use them to unscrew and fix the toy sets back together again. We were both amazed that they were at it for almost an hour!

Mohen and I were over the moon because we found something that finally engaged our kids’ attention longer than we could say “Let’s try this.” From then on, we know that our kids need things like these to keep them focused. The best thing was? They weren’t trying to annoy each other, which is one of the other problems that we had when we tried to get them involved in an activity.

Ever since that we’ve been finding for things for the kids to do and one day we came across Little Botz Academy.

Even though this academy is for kids who are older than ours, we thought it’s really great. Eros could probably enrol for the program soon since the youngest age they accept is 7 years old. And what’s even better is that they have programs for youth from the ages of 17 – 30 years old. This program is not just about early childhood education, it’s also about encouraging creativity and innovation at any age!


Little Botz Academy
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Little Botz Academy uses robotic education to teach children about the importance of understanding technology to fill in the gaps of human limitation using automation. Because children tend to think more creatively than adults and there is literally no limits to their imagination, Mohen and I think this program is a fantastic platform to encourage freedom of expression through science.

This academy is active in organizing activities for their students. Check out their YouTube channel here to see the activities they’ve organized! One of their upcoming activities this school holiday is The Power of Innovation thru Robotics. This robotic workshop is going to be held at Petrosains in Suria KLCC. The workshop is from 16 March – 19 March, held in two sessions.


Little Botz Academy
Click on photo for more details on the workshop


I’ve spoken to them last week because I was really interested in what they do and let me tell you this, it mad me feel like joining the program along with my kids! I was excited as though Tony Stark invited me to his workshop to teach me how he builds his IronMan suit!

I’m My kids are not able to join this workshop this time around, but I will make sure I get them into the next one! If your kids are like mine, why not grab this opportunity to let them explore their imagination? They might surprise you with what they can build! Heck, even if your kids don’t seem to be interested in robotics, bring them along nevertheless because I believe this type of education has the power to unleash more than what we think our kids are capable of!



For more details, you can call the number on the poster.

Check out Petrosains on Facebook and twitter as well for other upcoming events that you and your family will enjoy!



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