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I Have A Voice

Based on my experience, people get bad impression about feminists and feminism because there several feminists who seem to be anti-men, even come across as pure misandrists. And these are the ones who are very vocal and get more attention.

Reflections of a Feminist

Feminism. The 21st century word that reigns sexual politics; powerful in magnitude and liberation. Yet, it is still subjected to whispers, shudders and unfortunately, objection. I write these words in woe, but sadly acceptance that feminism divides between the supporters and opposers.  The individual who champions the rights of women and would proudly wear a ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ t-shirt and distressingly in contrast, the woman who claims “I don’t need feminism because I have equal rights already” or the man who states that feminists are just angry lesbians.

Feminism in modern culture has become synonymous with anger. The very notion that those who identify as a feminist are solely violent and irrational women. The media seems fixated on portraying feminism in a set categorised manner and anything that challenges this is ‘inauthentic’. Thus, a feminist has become bound with a man-hating woman, a woman who leaves her…

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A feminist mother of 3 who thinks she can write.

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