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Book Face

I first saw this some time early last year and thought that it’s a terrific idea, especially for a bibliophile like me.

I’ve always wanted to try it, but as always, I’ve never really come around to actually doing it. Then a book club I joined is organizing a Book Cover Me! contest where the members need to match their face or body to a book cover to stand a chance of winning book vouchers.

This time I obviously joined because I could use me some book vouchers because God knows when was the last time I went to get new books.

Here’s my photo and my sister helped me with it because my first attempt was crappy. My sister is a great artist and photographer and plus, she has a fancy camera to make it look so much better captured than my old camera phone.

book face

There’s also a Pinterest board for this art and I thought more and more people should try and do it!

The funny thing about this is that, I realized how few books I have that actually have human body or face on it. I had to search for the right one because as it turned out, I only have about 4 books with a human face or body on it in  my library.

Time to get more books then!

Why not you try it and share your photo! It really is fun to do it!




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