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Busy Bee Little Me

It’s been ages since I last wrote and I feel awkward doing this now.

But I’ve been doing so many things, I can’t find the time to sit down and write.

One of the many things I’ve been doing is taking beading orders for dresses. Aidilfitri is coming, so many people are either getting married or looking to jazz up their outfit for the occasion.

I’ve done beading before, but it’s only for my own or close relatives, but lately I get a few people asking me to do beading for them. It’s turning out okay and quite productive, because while I don’t expect to do this on a full-time basis, I’m getting order quite regularly. What I love most about this is how I see my work getting better and how much I’ve improved when I first started doing beading when I was 15.

Here are some samples of my work and I’m really proud of them. Now off to more beading because more orders are coming so I need to get the ones I have done as soon as possible.

So, talk soon!


*If you’re interested (and in Malaysia/Singapore only for now, soon I think I might expand, who knows!), drop me a line in the comment or to my email


Manik dahlia
I love this Lazy Daisy design with two-layer hem beading.





Manik bunga
Simple floral beading for a blouse.


Manik baju kahwin
Embellished dress: Complete work for a wedding demi-couture.


Manik baju crumble
Did a floral beading ala embroidery for my mom’s dress she wore to a cousin’s wedding.


Manik baju kahwin
Work in progress for a wedding demi-couture


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