Growing Up Daisies

Calvin and Hobbes tattoo


I would like to think that I am a simple person but of course I do not think that.

I do not know when did the habit of overthinking things and overanalyzing everything came to me but as far back as I can remember, I may have always been that way.

I like to think things that don’t require any thinking to be done, I like to think things that don’t have to be spared anymore than a minute of pondering and I like to think that I think a lot. This has got me to thinking that maybe I shouldn’t be thinking so much.

I like to read. Maybe this sort of fueled up my habit of overthinking things. I love to write. This of course, requires for one to really think about what to write. I like to daydream. This too, require one to think because it would be absurd for someone to think about nothing and pretend to daydream, wouldn’t it.

I love to dance. It’s almost like the air that I breathe. I just came out from a preganancy and post-natal recurperation. I have not been dancing for almost 10months. And that is as long as the extinction of dinosaurs for someone like me who has to dance at least 3times a week. For me dancing is like telling a story with my body. When I don’t write, I dance.

I have a son. Eros Aiden was born on February 22nd. My second is a girl, Sophia Erana, born on November 11th And our youngest son, Damien Emil born on November 28th.

When I grow old, I want to either live on the coastal area of Ireland, rearing horses or somewhere in Greece, rearing goats and planting lemon trees.


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