It’s In His Eyes

Mohen is going through so much right now that it shows in his eyes.

I can see him smiling but his eyes are not. It breaks my heart now each time that I look into his eyes.

They used to make me so happy, they used to make my day. But now all I see is deep thoughts and reflection of how he wants things to be.

I know he is going through so much and there are too many things running through his mind. I know he works so hard to be the man in the family, to provide for us three and to get us through the days.

I know there is a burden of the world on his shoulders and yet he keeps this calm upfront that would’ve shattered within seconds if it was me. I had a shock of something a few weeks back and I was crying and crying so much because I felt so sad that I couldn’t do anything and knowing that it was him who has to bear it all.

I feel for him, I feel his pain and trials. And it makes me feel so hopeless and useless by not being able to do anything but just wait on him to get things done. I know that he didn’t expect me to do anything much but to be there for him and look after Eros but I can’t help but feel that I want to do something.

I can’t bear to look him in the eyes anymore because they make me sad now.

I hope that he will get through the things that he is going through soon enough because I miss the loving eyes that used to look back at me as I stare into them.

I miss Mohen’s eyes. I miss him. I miss everything about him.

I hope things will bring him back to me like how it used to be.


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