So We’re A Family Now

Mohen has finally told his parents about us.

I can’t believe it actually because we’ve talked about it so often but without really ever imagining that the day will finally literally come. We know that it will happen one day but it just seem so far away that we always dream of what it will be like.

He said yes, they were shocked and of course I already expected that. But he said they didn’t shout or curse or scold him or anything like that, which was what we imagined it to be!

His mother wanted to see photos of Eros and Mohen showed the ones in his PSP. I think she’s glad to see him to be so cute and adorable. She would probably have fallen in love with him at first sight.

They told him that as long as he is happy, then they are happy for him. I hope that they don’t mind me too much…

Well, what’s nice is that I now feel like my family life is complete with both parents of both sides are in the picture. I have a calmer feeling about our life with blessings from both sides.


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