When Life Stops And Stares At You

I think at the moment my life, or perhaps more accurately, our lives, sort of stops and stares at us.

I don’t know why it stares. Maybe it wants us to retrace a step that we missed that put us into this mess – okay, maybe not mess. But this thing we are facing right now. I feel as though it purposely stops for us to rethink what went wrong or at least ponder to see where we can fix it before it moves on so that we won’t be in deeper mess, or thing that we are facing right now.

Sometimes I wonder when is the tension and stress of it all is going to get to me and take its toll. I believe I can hold on just a bit more and that was what I keep telling myself. Take and face each day as it comes. I wonder how Mohen is holding up because obviously everything rests on his shoulders. It is his shoulders to make money, it is on his shoulders that all the debts need to be paid, it is on his shoulder to make sure there is food on our table and in Eros’ mouth, it is on his shoulders to make sure we have a roof on our head. And it seems like he needs a pretty strong pair of shoulders for all these.

I have always believe that everything happens for a reason. Most of the times the reason for things happened wasn’t revealed to me soon but much later.

I wonder when this will reveal itself.


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