if Mohen were gone

Mohen went for an interview on Tuesday.

It was for a promotion post and he said it went pretty well. He did not however, have too much of confidence that it will go his way because he said he did ok and not really extraordinary or anything like that.

But anyway, if he really happen to get the post, it will probably mean that he has to go for a training in India for at least 3 months. Well, that sucks. I mean, besides that if he goes it means that he gets the job and it means that I can resign because I am pretty much now at a point of losing all my interest in work already.

But it would mean he’ll be away for 3months and that’s the longest we’ve been apart ever since we got together. I mean, he was away for 2 days and 1 night when he went back to his hometown during Christmas and I was crying my eyes out every minute and this to watch him leave for 3months?! That’s just inhuman.

I don’t know how am I going to handle it.

Not only it means he will not be with me for 90days. It also means that I have to stay here at Umi’s place for another 3months, I have to work for another 3months, and I have to be on my own on my birthday.

It’s not like I don’t wish him to get the job. I want him to get it.

But if he gets it, he may have to go for that training in India for 3months. 3 freaking months. That I can’t handle.


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