i’m so bitter i can be an antibiotic

Lately I have been having so much bitterness and anger and hatred in me that I could easily passed as an antibiotic if I were to join the medicine clan.

I’m pretty sure that God is gloating in all Its splendour that he is doing this to because you see, I have always had a feeling that I am not in his favorite list. He still may want me to be alive but he sure does doesn’t want me to feel that I am top in his list.

So far and for so long He has been able to make feel just that. Still I don’t harbour the anger that I think I should because maybe He’s doing this because He’s bored giving the people He likes all the happiness and wealth in the world.

My anger is really close at the surface that sometimes I feel any little thing can just make me snap and I have visions that I will snap but I managed to put a lid on it and calmed down because I know it is not right if I were to let my anger on someone else that has got nothing to do with me or the things that I am going through.

Let’s see how long me and Him can play this cat and mouse game before I really lose it.


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