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Busy Bee Little Me

It’s been ages since I last wrote and I feel awkward doing this now.

But I’ve been doing so many things, I can’t find the time to sit down and write.

One of the many things I’ve been doing is taking beading orders for dresses. Aidilfitri is coming, so many people are either getting married or looking to jazz up their outfit for the occasion.

I’ve done beading before, but it’s only for my own or close relatives, but lately I get a few people asking me to do beading for them. It’s turning out okay and quite productive, because while I don’t expect to do this on a full-time basis, I’m getting order quite regularly. What I love most about this is how I see my work getting better and how much I’ve improved when I first started doing beading when I was 15.

Here are some samples of my work and I’m really proud of them. Now off to more beading because more orders are coming so I need to get the ones I have done as soon as possible.

So, talk soon!


*If you’re interested (and in Malaysia/Singapore only for now, soon I think I might expand, who knows!), drop me a line in the comment or to my email


Manik dahlia
I love this Lazy Daisy design with two-layer hem beading.





Manik bunga
Simple floral beading for a blouse.


Manik baju kahwin
Embellished dress: Complete work for a wedding demi-couture.


Manik baju crumble
Did a floral beading ala embroidery for my mom’s dress she wore to a cousin’s wedding.


Manik baju kahwin
Work in progress for a wedding demi-couture
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I Am A Woman And I’m Proud

Let’s celebrate our womanhood by uplifting and supporting other women while working hand in hand with men to create a better world for our children and our children’s children.

International Women's Day

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It’s March?!

What on Earth have I been doing?

Things have been so crazy that I don’t know where the January and February went. I thought it was just 2016 and now it’s March. MARCH.

My eldest is in school and my second is starting preschool. My youngest is driving me up the wall and on top of that, I’m having toothache every other day (mental note: Freaking go see a dentist).

I couldn’t even find the time to write and each time I sit in front of my computer, all I can think about is sleep. I’ve been getting only 3-4 hours of sleep each day that I’m pretty sure I’m up for a role of a zombie on Walking Dead any time soon. I thought I could get more sleep on weekends, but who knew that the kids would still wake up early on Saturdays as well?

God, I need to stop rambling.

I’ll write again when I’m me and when I think I can make more sense. ASDFGH@#$%^&*.

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Is Santa Real?

The kids have been watching Christmas movies for several days now and we’ve been talking about Christmas for quite a bit.

Sophea: Mommy, why our house don’t have a Christmas tree?
Me: Because we don’t celebrate Christmas.
Sophea: But I like Santa.
Me: You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to like Santa. A lot of people like Santa.
Sophea: Yes, because he’s so cute.
Me: Hahahaha that’s right. He is cute.
Sophea: Will Santa come to our house?
Me: No. Because Santa is not a real person.
Sophea: Santa is dead?
Me: No, no. Santa is not real because anyone can wear the red suit and be Santa.
Sophea: So Santa is pretending?
Me: Well, Santa can’t pretend because he’s not real. But there are people who wear the red suit and be Santa for other people, especially kids.
Sophea: So Santa is lying?
Me: No, it’s like this. You know how sometimes you guys wear pirate hats and all that and pretend to be pirates? It’s like that.
Sophea: But why people wear a Santa suit?
Me: Because it can make some people happy.
Sophea: What people?
Me: There are people who don’t have enough food or toys. So on Christmas, there are people who wear a Santa suit and give food and toys to these people so they can be happy because sometimes, for them, Christmas is the only time they get more food and toys.
Sophea: But why they have to wear Santa suit? Can they wear a pirate suit?
Me: Yes, they can. It’s just Santa makes a lot of people feel happy. You know how Daddy likes Mommy wears the blue dress? Because it makes Daddy happy to see me? It’s like that. Some people feel happy when they see a person in a Santa suit.
Sophea: If we give food and toys to people, are we Santa?
Me: Maybe they think we are. But we don’t have to wear the Santa suit to give people food or toys.
Sophea: So people wear Santa suit so they can make people see who is in their heart?

At this point, I just can’t. I was literally tearing up because I thought I was teaching her something, but as always, it’s the other way around.

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Simple Vanilla Cupcakes

I’ve been baking for a few days on end now.

First, it was Sophea’s Barbie cake to Damien’s forest-themed cake. It was really fun that I get to bake again after so long. Sure, my piping skills a little rusty, but I’m sure with more practice, it’ll come back again. Ahahaha. I’m considering selling my baked goods again, like I used to do when I was 18. My kids are a lot bigger and more independent now that I think it’s possible for me to squeeze in a few cake orders here and there.

For tea yesterday, Sophea wanted some cupcakes. Well, she has been asking for cupcakes for several days now. I didn’t want to make anything fancy nor do I have that many ingredients left so I whipped out this super-simple vanilla cupcakes.

Simple vanilla cupcakes


Here’s how!


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Barbie Cake

I first saw one of these cakes when I was 10, during a cousin’s birthday party.

I was so envious and couldn’t stop looking at the cake throughout the party. My parents are never big on birthdays and we don’t really celebrate so it’s kind of hard for us to get a birthday cake. By 10, I was used to it, but when I saw this cake, I honestly wished my parents were a little generous in celebrating birthdays.

Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday.

She didn’t ask for a Barbie cake specifically, but whenever she sees one, she always asked me to make one for her. So yesterday, I decided to try and make it. I’m used to baking, but I have never tried decorating a Barbie cake before so I was really, really anxious because being a perfectionist, I obviously don’t want to mess this up.

I worked on this cake for 6 hours, taking my time to do each step. At the end of it, I’m really happy with myself because it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. The only thing is, I forgot to take my piping tips I left at my mom’s house so I had to use a snipped Ziploc to pipe the dress. Even so, I’m still darn proud of it!

Princess doll cake


I watched the Betty Crocker video for the step by step to decorate this cake and I find that video most helpful and easiest to understand.


Now that I know how to decorate this cake, I’m so going to make it again for the fun of it!