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What A Week!

I don’t think I have enough time this week to blog on anything! So much for my postaday2011 tag! First of all, so many things are happening and so many things to do that whenever I finally had the time to sit down to blog, my body would be aching and my eyes were so droopy that I don’t even know what I typed. I checked my draft page and found out that I have saved about 6 drafts in this week alone. I hardly have drafts because I can write in one seating and post it straight away. I have drafts only when I can’t think clearly. Clearly I can’t think clearly six times last week alone! šŸ˜€

Photo courtesy of Google Image

I have started teaching speech and drama to preschoolers beginning last week. My class is about 10 students, age from 4-6 years old. My cousin helped me out in my first class last week because she has been teaching speech and drama for almost three years now so she was there to help me get started.

I love how energetic and cooperative the kids were. I can’t stop thinking that my son should join drama class once he’s big enough to understand instructions. With the amount of energy that Eros has, I need to find a way for him to channel it and I think drama is perfect for him. I have always been involved with drama for as long as I can remember. I was always on the drama club at middle and high school. Then I am always going to plays around town and get involved with as much as I can with drama.

I am thinking of getting involved in drama again but as my discussion with my cousin went (who is very active in drama from playwright to directing to acting), I would need to really commit myself to the rehearsals and all. I have to think about putting up Eros at my Mom’s house during my rehearsals and for what? I am not looking into becoming a local celebrity in the drama world. I want to do it simply because I love acting. It is my passion other than writing. I was thinking that perhaps once Eros is big enough, I can bring him to get involved in theater as I teach. Then he would have something that he does with me. It would probably give him nice childhood memories.

The family having fun with the camera after dinner

This weekend was also the first time my family gathered for some quality family time at my place. We swam for hours in the pool at where I stay and then had dinner because everyone was hungry after all the swimming and laughing.

We are a very close-knit family and we love taking photos what more with so many of us with talent in photography. It was a white-themed dinner because I know it would look great in photos. And I was right! After dinner, we all started taking photos and all, and all of them turned out awesome. My cousin-in-law is a freelance photographer and he takes great photos. I have a beautiful family and it gets better because we all take great photos together!

There are many shots that I want to share but here’s a few.

Mohen Corleone, Eros Aiden Mohen and me. We take beautiful photos together.
Pretty girls in white

This was one of my favorite shot of the night. I am going to blow this up and have it hanged as the main piece in our living room!

I love how Mohen, Eros and I take great photos together. Call meĀ narcissusĀ but I am so proud of how great the 3 of us look.

There are many girls in my family and this is just 1/3 of it. My sisters are the one in striped white t-shirt, the blonde at the back and the one with glasses on far right.

Us at 25 and then at 5

This is my cousin who is like my best friend other than Mohen. We grew up in 2 different state but we are always with each other. She is now 5 months pregnant. When I was pregnant, she was staying with me in the other spare room we had because she just graduated then and wanted to live in the city. We always had so much fun together ever since we were kids. The photo here proves it all!

Just 1/3 of the boys in my family (I told you I have a BIG family!). They are all very close because heck, all of us are close! We are all about the same age so there are many things we share and like and keep each other updated. Eros was super excited with all the boys around yesterday that he totally ignored me! It was great for him because he can understand and communicate more now with others so I know he had fun too.

We love being silly together!

I really enjoyed this week despite all the running around, lesson-planning, cooking and cleaning up (if you have never cleaned up after 15 people, then you don’t know how beaten I was after everyone went back!).

Hope all of you had a great week too!

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So You Want To Kick Some Butts?

First of all, all the movies mentioned in this post are my all time favorites. I used to watch them over and over again when I was a kid and wait for them to be aired during school breaks because it’s so famous, the channels will definitely be airing them.

Second of all, let’s now talk about these movies in parents’ perspective.

Colt, Tum Tum and Rocky

The 3 Ninjas

3 Ninjas movie had to be one of my ultimate favorite ever. If this movie air now, I will definitely still watch them from start to end even though I know the dialog by heart. They are quick and they are cute (I was in love with Rocky for years!). They are not obnoxious and they listen to their parents and Grampa. They are the good kids that probably every parent in the world dream off – they listen to you and they know how to kick butts.

Child’s Perspective – It’s awesome to know all the ninja moves and have super close brothers who will come and save you when the mean bikers got you by your neck. It’s not impossible to jump from a table to a chair, fall perfectly on your two feet and still can kick the bad guy’s in the crotch. That guy is no taller than I am. Hey, if they can do it, I can too!

Parent’s Perspective – Are these people crazy teaching that my kids can do all that and still be safe? Those are grown ups, for Pete’s sake. They only acted dumb because the director told them to. How can a 9-year old strength compare to a mustachioed man whose arms as big as my thighs? Even if he’s been a couch potato all his life, he is still a grown man!

Kevin and The Sticky Bandits outside Duncan's Toy Store

Home Alone

Ah…Who can deny the joy of watching Home Alone on Christmas night with a steaming bowl of popcorn, warm socks on your feet, fire kindling softly and marvel at the ingenuity of a 9 year old in setting up all those traps?

Child’s Perspective – Dad has all those tools in the basement. I know where he keeps ’em. They are in the big red toolbox on his work-table. And I know where Mom keeps her cooking oil and those extra tough superglue. I will be ready if there is anyone try to break into the house.

Parent’s Perspective – Oh, dear Lord, please let my child be okay when I frantically contact every cop in town and everyone I know to go to my house to watch over my son while I make my way back home – darn this traffic; I will never forgive myself if anything happens to him. Please don’t let my son think of that Home Alone movie where he sets up traps with nails, knives, string, fire (oh, Lord, no), cans of paints and whatever else it is that John keeps in the basement. I know I shouldn’t have let little BrianĀ watch that movie last Christmas, I knew it, I knew I felt something was not right!

Daniel training with Mr Miyagi for tournament

The Karate Kid

This kid deserves a hats-off. From being bullied, to being shoved down a hill, punch in the face, eaten dirt, we gotta give him a break. It was a very heart-warming movie when Mr Miyagi was teaching Daniel how to fight and the most important thing about karate is here (points to heart). It was a matter of pride to Daniel, it was a heritage for Mr Miyagi. Both of them compliment each other perfectly.

Child’s Perspective – I am bullied at school, why can’t I have a maintenance man who knows karate? I need to join a karate class. I need to know all those moves so that if Big Fat Karl comes around again, I can kick his butt. I think Mom wouldn’t mind me joining a class for karate.

Parent’s Perspective – Thank God for at least one decent movie about self-defense! At least this LaRusso kid is not fighting 10 mean bikers at one go by throwing sand or chair or kicking them in the crotch. He’s at least training for a tournament. I can live with that if Brian wants to join a karate class in town. There’s no traps or dangerous kitchen appliances being used. It teaches my kid to honor the martial art and not use it to prove how strong you are to another person. It’s important for Brian to know that he shouldn’t use karate unless really challenged. I know he’s having trouble with that Karl kid. Maybe karate will give him a little bit of confidence. I’ll speak with John.


I joined several martial arts classes and I know how strong a grown man can be. No matter how much you know the right technique of where to kick or punch or hit him, he is still very strong. If a trained grown woman can’t bring down a man that easily (ladies, do note that I didn’t say couldn’t) what more a 9 year old? If there is anything that I learnt from these classes is that, there is nothing more dangerous than a false hope. And I am not just talking about these kind of movies.

I saw an ad once about how this guy can teach women self-defense in half an hour and you can bring down a man by just a kick-flip-watcha!! should you are attacked in the basement parking lot. I went by the place just to see how many women turned up. The place was jam packed! These women are going to walk out from there after about an hour or so, thinking that they can take down a man. I pray hard for the Lord to keep these women safe.

Now, I still let Eros watch these movies because even though he can imitate the kicks and punches, he couldn’t exactly set up traps and play with fire. Once he’s big enough to understand, I’ll make sure that I will explain to him how these things are superficial and not at all possible to be done under any circumstances. I’ll teach him the correct way of emergency actions and I hope he understands how serious I am about this.

Thank God I didn’t do any of these things when I was a kid although I did try to set up a booby trap for my sister. She did, however, end up with a cut on her eyebrow.

I thought I can kick some butts. Boy, my mom was the one who ended up kicking my butt.

The world-famous crane stance.

All photos courtesy of Google.

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Like A Good Song

Sometimes spending time with the one you love is like a good song.

It sticks in your head for a few days, you keep replaying it over and over again until you can practically remember everything about that moment – the light, the color, the smell and the feeling.

Mohen spent some time with me tonight before he went out to see his friend. I was a little bummed but I try to be so negative because we still have Sunday and half of Monday before he goes off to work.

It was nice because I remembered the way he talked, the way he laughed and the way he listened to me when I was talking. I didn’t want it to end but then he started to check his phone often so I figured he was going out.

One thing nice was before he went out, heĀ kneel Ā and put his arms across my knees and said that he will spend the whole day with me tomorrow. This was nice because he never did this before. He will usually just kiss me and leave. He said he was going out because there was something that he needed to do so he has to go out or otherwise he will stay with me for the night.

It wasn’t so bad because I know he had something to do over something. But mainly because tomorrow is Sunday and we do have another day to be with each other.

I guess Mohen too is feeling it that we spend very little time with each other now. It’s good that he realized that it’s important for him as much as it is for me.

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Songs That Remind Me

These are few of the songs that will always remind me of Mohen no matter what time of day it is. I am thinking of him right now but I don’t know what to write and then this song started playing on the radio. So I thought I post this for him even though I don’t think Mohen will ever read my posts šŸ™‚

Bailamos, Enrique Iglesias This is because we love to dance and we are the best dance partner each of us has ever found. When I first danced with Mohen, I know I found my dance soulmate.Ā 

Everything, Lifehouse Mohen dedicated this song for me when we were dating for about 2 months. I cried when I first heard it. It has made its way straight to my top favorites.

You Give Love A Bad Name, Bon Jovi This was one of the songs that the band played during the first time I danced with Mohen. I was jumping and singing along as though I was really at a Bon Jovi’s concert. That was when Mohen kissed my cheek and made me froze.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You, Bryan Adams I like this song for the movie it was from. I have only started to think of Mohen when I hear this song recently because we had an argument and when Mohen walked away, I turned on the radio and this song came on. I think it wasn’t coincidence.Ā 

I Can’t Help Myself, The Four Tops I love this song because it describes exactly how I feel about Mohen.

Clumsy, Fergie Every time I hear this song I get dizzy and fell clumsy all over because I think that’s how loving Mohen has gotten me.

Para Tu Amor, Juanes I don’t know how can someone write a song as beautiful as this. I love this song before I met Mohen. When I was with him, I Googled for the translation and know why God made me love this song. It’s so that I know that it’s for Mohen.

*All photos courtesy of Google

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We’ll Be All Right

We’ve decided to go to Thailand!!

We’re going to Koh Phangan this May for our anniversary. This would be the first time we’re going on a vacation just the two of us.

I guess we really needed this break and it’s amazing because I have never been to Thailand in my life! I know that this will be the start to many more vacations to come. I know that we’ll be going without Eros but I think it’s a good start for us because we need to be alone with each other where we don’t think about anyone else and not think about anything else but us, the sun and the beach!

I can’t think of another perfect way for us to start over because honestly, I think that’s what we really need. We need to have a chance to look at each other the way we first looked at each other when we fell in love 3 years ago.

We’ll be going in May for the Full Moon Party but we’ll go earlier than the party so that we have time to enjoy us and the place. So many of our friends are telling us that we should go because Mohen and I love spending time together, just us. This will be perfect! I can’t wait to be on the beach on Mohen and party like we did when it was just us before. I don’t care if we have to sleep on the beach after all that partying – all I’m looking forward to is being with him!

It’s amazing because despite being together for 3 years now, we have never ever been on a vacation, a honeymoon or a time-off with just us two.

I think it’s great that we go just the two of us because we’ll discover each other again and have fun like we used to. I know I would want to go with Eros to Thailand one day. But I know this our chance to fall in love again. And I think it’s going to be more than perfect! I can’t wait.

Now I have to start losing this extra weight before May! Time to go shopping for new bikinis after that!

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Here We Are!

In all fairness, I think I should say something about 2011.

When I look inside myself, I know that all matters to me in my life right now is just two things – Mohen and Eros. Sure I have all these dreams where I want to get a new car, a new paint for my living room, a new kitchen cabinet, that gorgeous Louis Vutton bag and everything. But I realized that all those wouldn’t mean much at the end of the day unless I have both Mohen and Eros with me.

It has been turbulent between me and Mohen for the past few months. As a matter of fact there were many times that we argue and each argument was uglier than the one before. But no matter how much we fought or shout or threw blame at each other, I know that I still love him. No matter how much I feel like walking out, I know that I love him, here in my heart. And that stops me from walking away.

I tried to be more understanding, to see where he was coming from, try to think like a man. To some extent it helps. Like I told him that I know that he feels bad because of some situations we are in and he might even feel hopeless or helpless but I assured him that I never thought of him that way. I thought he was being really heroic busting his ass trying to work things out. We both have our own ways of working things out so that Eros can live comfortably but that doesn’t mean that we can’t, don’t and won’t understand how the other work.

He told me not to sweat about the small things, but it’s the small things that means the most to me. We both know how much we love each other and how much we still want to be with each other. I know that we both are trying to make things better between us and we can’t help it when other things come in the way and since these things will determine how comfortably Eros lives, how long can we keep the house, how often can food be put on the table, we get caught up in making these things work.

But that doesn’t mean that we can forget each other. Because that is one thing that I am really scared about – we forget to look at each other. Getting caught in so many things in life just to make sure rent is paid, bills are cleared, we tend to neglect or lost touch with the one that we care the most. It’s ironic how we are doing these things for the ones that we care the most and yet in the course of these things, the ones that we care the most gets left behind.

I think Mohen understands now, or at least knows what I’m talking about after I explained this to him.

I thought that we had a lousy start to 2011. But I think it won’t be so bad.

We have 361 days ahead of us and we have each other. We should be all right.